God's word given.

If so then God can die! Because this God died, and was bought back to life, according to some people! -------------- My God can't die! My God is eternal! are they the same God? ---- A true Christian has to believe with conviction, that Jesus the Christ, Died on the cross, and then God raised him from the dead into eternal life, that Jesus gave up his mortal life, and God found him worthy to give him eternal life. God cannot die, God is eternal. Jesus died! And now is immortal man.

Before ‘Man Jesus’, this was written; you may find some is repeated. However it is good for the learning. ‘Man Jesus’ is further to and with more understandings given.
Trinitarians, and those who say, God came down and died on the cross for us, also, those who say, Jesus Christ is actually God Almighty, and it was Jesus Christ who actually created the world with his own hands; where in the Scriptures do they get that, in order that it is a Doctrine? -- Everything Jesus says about his Father that is in Heaven, states that they are separate ones, the picture Jesus paints for us is that Jesus is the man, and he is on this Earth, born on this Earth, Is made of the required Blood and Water as a man, with the added Spirit of God, as we all have, with the exception that he has more of Gods Holy Spirit power working through him, and the important thing is that, Jesus was conceived of Gods power.
Jesus portrayed, to us that He was man of Gods special creation, but still only a man.
What is portrayed is the man Jesus (a usual name of the times); this man conveyed the word in messages from God almighty, the Father, and one and only God!
God spoke through this trusted man, which he proved firstly to see if he was reliable, by the Temptation of the Devil! (God does not have to be proved by being tempted by his own creation, the Devil). Think about it, no matter what is written by inspiration by the Jew /Christians, or any Gentile/Roman/ Greek!
Jesus was a man chosen by God, predetermined, and by God’s power of intervention in the conception, born of the Flesh, and God spoke through him just as Jesus told us!
Also, Jesus did not actually have the power of God, God put his power through the man Jesus, the power was God’s, not the man’s. (Now that Jesus has risen to the right hand of God, and is the Christ, now Christ has power and authority, in the Heavens and Earth over Flesh).
To understand this, look at all those Prophets, and the Apostles, and even the Elohim Angels, the Messengers, even so Gabriel, and Michael, and as I know myself, God works through them, so accounts of this happening in the scriptures, when Messengers come to different ones, they say God was there, while that is true in a sense, but it was still only a Messenger come from God, that one who God was working through.
Now by all the Accounts that Jesus gives of the Father Son relationship, Jesus never says that he in actual fact is God, only that God almighty is working through Jesus the Christ.
Now what’s more; God himself testifies the same thing of the only begotten Son.
Don’t be confused when Jesus states “I and the Father are one”, he is saying that they are agreed, and at one with one another, and that Jesus obeys God, because God gives Jesus what to believe! (We can get the same)
The question arises; because the Father has a Son, does this make the Son the Father?
If so, then if the Father commits a crime, we should punish the Son also? And then if the Son commits a crime, we should therefore punish the Father!
I say there is nothing logical, and in harmonic balance, in calling the Son, Jesus Christ, calling him the Father, even given the fact that Jesus is God’s begotten son!
And Because Jesus is part of God, by God’s creation, does not make Jesus God the Almighty, Father, and Creator of Heaven and Earth! Jesus, and the Christ, is God’s creation!
We read; that we all upon this Earth have the Spirit of God in us, or we would not exist, Then we read; that those who are Baptized and forgiven of their sins have further Holy Spirit, then as well as that we get the Spirit of Christ in us if all goes well with our obedience, and that is separate to Gods original spirit in us!
When we have the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit of God, and as well the Spirit of Christ, then we have a completeness of Spirit to allow the Kingdom of God in our midst, that God can bring us to be in completeness, ready for Eternity!
But, and we must be open minded on this; all this does not make us God, nor does it make us little gods, there is no where in the Scriptures/Gospels that suggests we are God!
Even when God works through us, or those that he does on this Earth, they are not God in the same way as even Jesus Christ was/is not God, by his own words he made this clear!


Personally, with what I read that Jesus and God have said, I cannot agree with Trinitarians, or those who call Jesus, God almighty, So lets study the Scriptures/Gospels, and start with the Apostle Paul, he is one Apostle who got it all from Jesus, so that there was no doubt about it all, Paul got it Spiritually put in him as to no mistake, where as the other Apostles had a hard time taking it all in, so then here’s what Paul says, that can prove Jesus was not God Almighty, nor did he consider himself to be!
First from the KJV.
Philippians.2:5-9, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: v6. Who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God: v 7. But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a Servant, and was made in the likeness of men: v 8.And being found in the fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. V 9. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name above every name:”
Now then the KJV. In v5, wants us all to think, as they say Christ did, and saying that Christ was in the form of God meaning as they have put it, God taking on the form of a man, and calling Jesus “Christ Jesus” at this particular time is saying that he had physically come down from heaven, given these facts; Jesus was his name as a boy/youth, Jesus Christ was he called while a man doing his Ministry, then, Christ Jesus once risen to the Right hand of his Father! So there is error in calling his name and title the wrong way around!
KJV. Goes on to say “thought it not robbery to be equal with God”, now here is contradiction in their own terms, why the need to say equal with God if they think he was God! And do we need to go any further with this study at all! Here it says; “thought it not robbery to be equal with God”.
Jesus Christ was not God! God was not Jesus Christ!
God worked through Jesus the man, to make him the Christ!
The KJV. Have the adulterated writings of Tapsensis a 5th century monk who inserted the Trinitarian verses in, Edit--- I have to add here, this Vergillius Tapsensus, cops the bad for much which was done before him, he takes the blame; In fact many changes were made to the Apostles writings as time past, Constantine was the Man who had the 66 books of the Bible put together, and they report that no one knew if a copy was original or an altered copy, I wonder if that was the way they used, to unlawfully change the Gospels to suit themselves, Constantine was the founder of the now Roman Catholic church, in the Vatican book "The Final Conclave" they openly acknowledge that they are the church of Constantine; This is where the contents of the Bible we have today, in the form of the 66 books originated! Constantine had his Bishops all, put in writing their case as to what Jesus really was, God or Man, as each Bishop handed in his report, Constantine burnt them without looking at the contents, then announced his Decree, Jesus Christ was the same essence of God, Therefore the doctrine of man had to be taught, and all who did not accept Constantines regime, usually died, murdered by Constantine and his men, and followed in the future by Charlemagne, and many many others through history; these men were Despots to the extreme, bloody minded murders. Constantine, who had the believers of the original word of Christ destroyed, and scattered, that Constantine who would not get Baptised until he knew he was to die, did not go to the church he had formed, no! he went to one remaining Upholder of the original word of Christ, and was Baptised by him!--- This has to tell us that Constantine, did not believe his own teachings! There is more on this subject, go to the Beliefs page on this website and click on "Constantine". We have to get the exact knowledge from God as he tells us, we personally are responsible for our own salvation. End Edit.
Also the KJV. Follows the Trinitarian view quietly, showing up in the 5500 questions and answers, at the back of the book page 61, Micah #19 it says; who, then, must the lord Jesus be?—God. (Is their answer!)
At this stage you can read the KJV. Version any way you like, that is, they are alluding to Jesus Christ saying he was God, or if you Read and see that Jesus is saying he is not God, however you read it, you must take into account that Jesus is reputed to be thinking that he is only Equal to God!
I would now like to quote the original Greek manuscript word for word translations as follows; v5-9 “This for be desired by you which also in the Anointed Jesus, who in a form of God being, not a usurpation meditated to be like to God, but himself emptied, a form of slave having taken, in a likeness of men having been formed, and in condition being found as a man: humbled himself, having become obedient till death, of a Death even of a cross.
Therefore also the God him supremely exalted, and freely granted to him a name that above every name:”
Which when read in its context tells us; we should desire, as did Jesus, to humble ourselves in obedience to God till death, that God might exalt us also.
It relates further on Jesus though, showing that Jesus did not put himself above that of his being, he did not think or plan to be God or even like him that is “meditated” as also backs that up, with the word “Usurpation” Jesus did not think to (Seize power without Authority,
(Usurpation)” Just as the Devil tried to get him to do at the time of temptation! And why if Jesus was God would he want to seize power and Authority from himself?
Now all this while Jesus the man was in A form of God, not God, Just a form of God, and what by the rest of the testimony of God and Jesus about the Christ, can we take from the Scriptures/Gospels that this would mean?
“A form of God” is that which God is doing through Jesus, God is using his Holy Spirit powers to talk and tell Jesus what to say, and to use Gods powers to do miracles and healings and raise the dead, and also that God himself created Jesus Christ through virgin birth of a woman... Edit... The Virgin Conception/Birth needs, and gets further study and correction, read, "In the Knowledge of Saints"... End Edit.
Jesus “was emptied” emptied of the worldly attractions and like a slave totally locked into his Job, but looking and being like any other man, even though he was a very special line of man that God himself had to create, (think about it, who else as a sin line of man from Adam could have done the job of Jesus, this job was very crucial, not to be botched up by usual man!)
If Jesus Christ was God, Why would God tell us that he; “Supremely exulted, and freely granted to him (Jesus) a name that above every name”.
Let’s look at it, I’ll quote that verse as if God is Jesus Christ; “I Supremely exulted, and freely granted to me a name that above every name”!----------------------------?
Now go look through the scriptures/ Gospels, and apply that to all those verses which testify of the Father and Son testifying of one another, if you do it you will soon see that God would never put his Name to that sort of Doctrine!
Time here to reflect on the need of Christ, just briefly.
A Christ was needed because of the state of man, He was disobedient, and above all very skeptical of God, even though God did many things to prove his existence, but still remains the problem even to today, the Divers Laws and ordinances (not to be confused with the Ten Commandments, perpetual and written in stone by the finger of God for eternity), no not them, but the Ordinances which are by their nature subject to change or removal, well they were considered a death sentence, so to alter things a Christ had to come, a Messiah a Savior.
Now then, this had to take very good planning on God’s behalf, God could not afford this to go wrong, there is to much at stake, the whole continuing of the existence of man kind is at stake in the Christ having the effect that is needed.
So what is the one thing that would have been the foremost important consideration in order that the whole plan did not fail? It had to be convincing!
Deception on God and Christ’s behalf would have been picked up by a critical and mistrusting Jew, and he would have used it to totally wreak the work God and Jesus had done, look at it, the Jew did all he could to bring down Christ and his Church, God would have foreseen all this, I don’t think for one minute that God is not wise enough to have that well worked out.
And what’s more; do you think that God could not show us that he could raise a man from the dead? If you think that God had to do the Job of dyeing on the Cross with some sort of spiritual power to deceive man kind, then we are all lost! All lost!
If God had to use deception, If Jesus Christ was God and not a man, that in it self is a very bad sign!
Because of Skeptical, and critical man, God would have to have a man, and truly, as a man to be the medium to his plans.
It is too easy for any man to say, why should I be like Christ, he’s God, I am just a man, what a great out!, or if it takes a God to be obedient, what chance have I, or, who can blame me for being a sinner? This is if Jesus was God Almighty!
God said Jesus was his Son.
Jesus said God Almighty was not him, but his Father.
The Gospels/ Scriptures are full of this testimony.
Given those testimonies we cannot say that Jesus was God Almighty the creator of Heaven and Earth by his own hand!
Neither can we say Jesus Christ is a God, God says there is only one God, Him “I AM”
Until we come to mans inspired writings that is, and then some things are left in confusion, but that is where we get the exact Knowledge from God (everything being in its right place), because God Knows where the mistakes are, for what ever reason, in the writing of the Scriptures/Gospels. I Pray God will bring this out in these writings being done now.
Is it the Whore riding the Beast that has introduced this doctrine, and is it followed up by her Harlots, and is this work of the Devil? Scriptures/Gospels say yes.
Is it the same Whore who thought to change Laws and times, to make none affect the word of God?
Those who observe the Sabbath on the wrong day and in the wrong way? Those who observe Christ’s death and resurrection on the wrong day knowingly? And leading all those with them?
Has that Tapsensis by his bias actions caused so many so much loss in their Eternal profit? Edit--- Try Constantine as a truth of the matter-- End Edit.
And through that has his actions caused such a terrible twist in the truth as to throw it all in doubt, making God and Christ appear liars, and what else have those who held the original manuscripts for so long, what else have they altered?
Or is it me? Do I just have every thing wrong on this, do I need to just go with the flow?
That worries me a bit, go with the flow! Sounds like wide is the path and many go that way!
I need to look further at those things written that cause confusion.
What is the weight of evidence, of what Jesus was called? Looking in the (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible), and just looking at the book of Mathew only;
Jesus is called, Son of God, 8 times.
Son of David, 8 times.
Son of Man, 27 times.
So the referral as Son of God is only 8 times, compared to 35 times in connection of man, E.G. Son of Man, Son of David, 35 times combined.
This shows the weight of evidence that Christ was Man, not God! Christ heavily called himself Son of Man.
God said; “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” (Matt3:17)
God said; “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” (Matt.17:5).
Now without going any further in the Scriptures to try and find the answer of who was Jesus Christ, Man, or God himself, lets look at these two Statements from God himself.
What’s God saying here; for a start he says this is himself speaking, not the inspiration of any Mortal Man, but me, God Almighty.
Next he is saying; I am up here, the one I speak of is down there with you.
God is stating that he is pleased with his beloved son.
God is not saying that he is pleased with himself!
God says “Hear ye him”
God does not say hear ye me!

God says these things in the presence of the one known as Jesus, and he is the one God wants us to know is the Christ, there is none other that God wants us to recognize as the Christ, than Jesus the Man! If God wanted us to think that he was the Christ, would he have pointed to another? And especially a Man!
God has demonstrated in these statements he has made, that God almighty is himself, and that Man who is called Jesus is the Man God made the Christ, the one who he does his works through in the age.
Well then, and considering that I am looking for the answers to the question in this matter, lets look at it further.
We have to look at it that maybe Jesus was really God Almighty, the creator of all things, that Jesus Christ Might have created all things by his own hand.
The first thing that comes to my mind is; God has just made a statement that leads me to believe that he is God and Jesus is his son, with who he is well pleased! So what is happening then? How do we need to look at what is said If Jesus was actually God?
I would have to say; Jesus is actually God down on the ground with the people, he is in disguise in a man’s body, this so he can deceive the people into thinking that he’s not God, that he is really a man! So then to take the deception further, God pretends that he is still up there in the Heavens conducting all that is happening with this Man Jesus, by making his voice come out of the Heavens, and a voice with a persuading message to believe himself!
Now I have to take this further, because such a belief demands it to be said.
Then because the deception has started it must now carry on, if not, then Man would find out Jesus was actually God, and lets look at it, with this line of thinking, God has put up the deception in order that Man will think Jesus is Man! Also, other wise, why the need for the deception?
The question arises once again; could God convince man of Jesus Christ, and all the reasons, and all the benefits of Believing on Jesus Christ, if he deceived man into believing.
Could God prove to Mankind, that by using God himself, as proof that He can raise us from the Death to life Eternal?
Is the use of God himself, instead of a Man in entirety, Convincing proof to mankind that God can raise us also?
Can God not use a man to prove beyond all doubt what he is trying to convince us of?

Why then did God use Jesus to show us that he could raise Lazarus, or was Lazarus also really God almighty in disguise? But why would God be Jesus and Lazarus at the same time, and why such deception? A believer of all this could give the answer and say; But remember God is Almighty and he can do all these things, easy! And then one with logic and understanding could answer him and say; But God being Almighty is well Capable of Working all these things through a Man, just as he has proven in the past, take Moses for instance, so therefore is well capable of doing all he had to do through the Man Jesus, and be totally convincing, leaving no place for the Skeptics, and Doubters, and the Liars, the Corrupt and evil ones to expose a deception of Almighty proportions, to their advantage and the demise of Christianity! I can tell you scripturally, that has started!
They then would be able to prove that God and Jesus are Liars (perish the thought)
That would lay the whole of mankind open to the wiles of the Devil, he would be laughing!
The whole thing sounds bizarre to me, and I pray God has mercy on me and not punish me for these writings!
But the Devil is not laughing! The Scriptures tell us he has been cast down to the Earth and is rampaging in a great state of anger, for he knows his time is short, he is the great deceiver.
Scripture tells us the Devil is the god of this world, the ruler of the air! He is the deceiver that turns Luke warm Christians into the deceived! The Devil does, Not God or Jesus.
God Almighty and His Son, Jesus, now the Christ do not have to deceive anyone, God himself is very capable, of using a flesh man in mans entirety, to prove all God needs to prove to us.
All the other men that God did things through were not God nor did they have to be! And neither did Jesus have to be!
O.K. then, if you believe that Jesus was actually God and we just proved through the Scriptures that if that were the case, then God and Jesus used deception, then answer me this; who found out, who saw through Gods disguise! If God disguised himself as a man, and didn’t want people to know he was God, because surely that’s what you believe, other wise there is total confusion and contradiction in your belief! Who found out? The Roman Catholic Church claims to have! Originally it is their doctrine. -- I tell you there is nothing to uncover, there is no deception other than the bias of Constantine, Monks, and the misinterpretation of the mistranslated Greek Manuscript, the Devil and Man! --The only other explanation, the Devil! The deception of the Devil is well at work in the Churches, amongst many of the Pastors and Ministers, in the Churches of the Woman Whore who rides the Beast and her Harlot splinter Churches, personally I think it is a bit of both!
Can you think of one reason that God would have to use deception?
Can I think of one reason God would need to use deception?
The first thing that sprung to my mind was; the only one that would think that God would have to use deception would be deceiving man, of the Devil himself, now there’s a truth, and a well proven truth, and if one dwelled in thought long enough he would see it!
And I think, but who could that be? One answer in the Scriptures/Gospels that fits perfectly is that; God is calling his ones out of the Churches of the Whore and her Harlots!
Yes God is calling those who listen to him in obedience, out of those Churches that exist today!
Those are mainstream Churches that Traffic Gods word, they change times and laws, and they teach the Precepts and Doctrines of men, amongst other things, and their sins stack up to Heaven! Those one’s deceived by the Devil!
These are those who make of none effect Gods word!
For example; the wrong observance of the Sabbath; now if they observe at all, this is observing the Sabbath as God gave the Commandment; the Sabbath starts, Friday sunset, and finishes Saturday sunset. The Sabbath is observed on the seventh day which Biblically is Saturday. The first day of the week in Gods eyes is Sunday! All the mainstream Churches know it, and the Roman Catholic Church even claims to be the one who changed it! No secret!
O.K. the celebration of Easter is done wrong! Jesus Christ died on Passover, read it for yourself, and it describes a Biblical day as evening to the next evening as you go! Christ was in the Ground 72 hours and could not have Died Friday night, and rose again on Sunday, this whole period of time is a very important sign to mankind, to the understanding one’s, and Jesus died on the Wednesday of Passover of the year AD. 31 and rose again on the late afternoon of the Sabbath on the Saturday, 72 hour after Wed Afternoon, there is more, but here is an example of what has been changed by man.
Vergillius Tapsensis, a 5th century Monk of no repute, changed by adding to Gods word, to make the Trinity doctrine come in, and what else did they change? And now we have the influence of the Devil, allowed in to bring the doctrine of men!
I think the doctrine of “Men” is that Jesus is God, and unless I can find any Scriptural thing to convince me other wise, then I perceive that the Church that “though to change times and laws” as written in Revelations, is the culprit.

I now stand open to correction from God himself, as there is no man trustworthy in the Word; the exact knowledge has to come from God!
I see this as no small matter.
There is a need to look for those parts of Scripture/Gospel that is written, and as I see it alluding to contradiction in this matter, what is the real meaning of the words given, have customs and ways of their day been over looked, is there once again Biases been added in, are they mistakes of translation and interpretation, mistakes by the copiers, the Scribes perhaps? Or where does the Anti-Christ fit in all this! Isn’t this Anti-Christ type of works?
Or have I just got it all wrong? So a Prayer is required; Heavenly Father, I ask you to bless me with the skill of understanding, the Knowledge of your word, and the wisdom to know what to do with it, for your exact Knowledge, in Jesus name. Amen.
Here’s John 20:28. “And Thomas answered and said unto him, my Lord and my God”
Well! Is this where I stand Corrected by God?
Thomas the doubter, never got things right at all, had been a stubborn Jew, full of doubt and Skeptical of Jesus being the Messiah! As were many of the Jews. Now then if he did Call Jesus “my God” in the context as written and if Tapsensis has not slipped in another change,
It is easy to explain, that due to the old habits doctrines and customs of the time, Thomas used the word in error, and still not quite understanding as all the Apostles, and if he did use the word, then in keeping with the truth of what was said at those times, is honesty to leave it in and not omit it, and especially considering all that is said in that chapter to the contrary.
Because the statement in v31, says “but these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.
Now then, here’s a fine time to slip in, if it were true, (yes just as Thomas has said, Jesus Christ is actually God, we’ve been hiding it for some time, God didn’t mean what he said, and Jesus just went along with him in Obedience to show you how good he really is, but now Thomas the doubter has let it all slip so you may believe!) So that’s not written? You’re right it’s not, not here and no where else in Gods word that I can find!
And what’s more, in Chapter 20:17. “Jesus said unto her, touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.
“I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God and your God. There’s only one!

Jesus tells us! His Father and our Father in Heaven are the same, he states that his God and our God are the same God, Jesus tells us he has been on this Earth As one of us! And that he is not God!
The Diaglott word for word translation; “I go up to the Father of me and the Father of you, even God of me and God of you.” God and Jesus Christ are not Liars! If Jesus being the Christ was God he wouldn’t have made this statement and many, many statements about God being his Father and Jesus being the son, and also, neither would God have made his similar statements!
If Jesus was God, how in Honesty could he have made this statement, something like this; I go up to be the Father of you! I am to me God! So I will be your God! BUT he did not and that is far removed from what he has said!
Who do you believe? Mainstream Church the whore, or Thomas the Doubter, or are you going to believe those who really matter, God and his only begotten son?
Do you think that Jesus would waste his time working hard to tell lies, to deceive?
Jesus has told us, God is his Father and his God, he does not say I am God, he tells us he is the same as us in that respect, and that is the very same Father and God , of Jesus Christ, is the very same Father and God of us.
Just out of interest the Diaglott word for word translation “The lord of me and the God of me” which really is only the personal opinion of Thomas the Doubter, it’s really only his personal feelings, but for one like Tapsensis the Monk, it’s some thing to enlarge on, to help bring in his Trinity Doctrine, in the 5th Century!
I wonder about the Trinity Doctrine, it is so close to saying Jesus Christ is God, as to be ready to do so any time in the future!
Now I believe that God has given answer to prayer in understanding of John. 20:
There’s more-----------------------------and Christ the rock, something also Paul said that needs looking up.
Yes found it! 1 Corinthians.10: 4. I cannot find any foundation for it Biblically, and the references in the column are in error, (Matt 18:5, and 1 Peter 3:1) but the ref to Ex.17:6 gives the account of the Happening, but as does the ref (Ps 78:15) they do not stack up to what is written in 1 Cor 10:4 Christ is not mentioned at all because for a start God had not created Christ materially yet, Christ was a predetermined plan of things to come, even though one might argue the verse where Christ said before Abraham I am, this being a statement of pre- eminence, Christ was a plan from the foundation of the Earth, the Covering of the slaughtered Lamb to make clothes for Adam and Eve, also Abraham was
Given insight of the Christ to come, and was pleased to see it, it was all as a plan of things to come in its season.
What I am trying to bring out here, is that Jesus Christ did not exist materially or physically or in substance, since the foundation of the world, the idea of a Christ did, and that was actually the foundation of the world as we know it now.
Also, the laying down of the foundation of a world is later quoted, and is the referring of the actual coming to be of Christ, and the world he has created by his very being! As in (1 Peter. 2:6) “because it is contained in the Scripture, “Behold I place in Zion a Foundation Corner Stone”----. In other words, “The laying down of a Foundation of a world” (Christ!) but only at the time in its season, and Christ did not exist in substance before it, only in the plan in thought! Now even though Abraham lived his life before Jesus was born, in God’s plan,
Abraham was a later plan than the plan of a Christ. (Or the idea of Abraham). Just look at all the Scriptures/ Gospels and you will see, God planed well ahead!
Now the word for Christ in the Greek manuscript, translated out as Anointed, never as Christ, to be Anointed means you have had oil poured over your head ceremonially by Deity in this case, I cannot find anywhere in the Scriptures where there is an account of this with any Christ before the actual Days of Christ in the New Testament.
1 Cor. 10:4. (KJV). “And all did drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them: and that rock was Christ”. This is referring to (Ex. 17:6) which reads “Behold I will stand before thee there upon the rock in Horeb; and thou shalt smite the rock, and there shall come water out of it, that the people may drink. And Moses did so in the Sight of the elders of Israel.” (I, being God almighty).
Now if you care to read any where either side of that verse you will see that this is a genuine account of the people Israel in need of water, the lord that is spoken of and speaks is Jehovah v 15, and that is God, Christ is not mentioned neither is there any account of a rock following them in the Desert, this cannot be seen as some sort of spiritual Happening alluding to the existence of Jesus Christ! So what is happening here?
The other thing is that rock is still there today! And has very distinctly been split open and the water has worn the sides of the rock smooth as to not mistake it, but to look at the terrain, you would not believe water ever had been in that very dry barren land, so was an actual happening! I am inclined to think this verse is spurious, at this stage, but let’s press on.
I’m thinking about when Paul meets with Peter and they have a parting of the ways because peter had things wrong and Paul rebuked him fully, Proving that even the Apostles got at least some things wrong! And what of their writings?
Is there anything else that alludes to Christ being God?
Hebrews 9:14. “How much more shall the blood of the Anointed one, who, through an age lasting spirit, offered himself spotless to God”-----(Diaglott). This is not saying Jesus is God! What it does say is; that Jesus the man, through the help of Gods spirit power, which lasted the duration of the time until Christ was risen, the man was able to offer himself to God, and spotlessly. (The great power of God left Jesus to die on the cross in the way of the man that he was, this shows in the words Jesus called to his Father, about forsaking him)
God has not given himself his own spirit in order that he offers himself to himself!
Now the comment and question has to arise, how do these ones who say that Jesus was actually God Almighty, read the Bible? It appears there has to be some sort of confused delusion.
But God tells us there is not confusion in his Church!
Luke 22:36. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the son of man.
This tells me that Christ was a man, and to stand in front means to be worthy, and if so we then will have a body as Christ has now! (Phil.3:21 say’s “Our vile body will be changed like Christ’s body is now”, therefore if that is to happen, Christ would have to have started out as we are now, and we as the same as Christ’s body was! Think about it! Because God is not as is Christ’s body is now, therefore Christ cannot be God, and why would God want to take on another spiritual body form, that of Christ’s to prove anything to us? And remember if it were so it would be to carry on a deception! Why would any flesh want to think God would want the whole issue of our redemption to be under a deceptive plan that could be discovered at any time, and cause the whole of creation to be a lie! The whole thing would not be right, and God tells us what is not of righteousness is a Sin. God and Jesus do no sin!
The Diaglott word for word of the original manuscript does not have the word Christ, the word used is “Anointed”, Now Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit of God, and it was shown to all there at Jesus Baptism in the form like a dove descending down from Heaven. It was not a Dove, but came like a Dove; it came down from God Almighty, To the Man Jesus.
Jesus the man with the anointing of the Holy Spirit was soon to be ready, but after the temptation of 40 days and 40 nights by the Devil ready and strengthened by God to start the hard and arduous Ministry for which the Man Jesus was now the Christ. Still he is not God!
It’s a wee while ago I realized that there is so much Scripturally, to prove Jesus is not God, that to bring it all out is a big task, still some more and better examples to come.
A full Conviction is required!
Here is one that needs understanding, and if not read right could lead one a stray; (1 Peter. 2:20) from the Diaglott word for word, “foreknown indeed, before the foundation of the world, but manifested in the last times on your account”.
“Foreknown”, Known before hand that a Christ was coming. To say different is to say Jesus Christ was known to people personally, and at a time before he actually was born to Mary.
Other than that, “afore known” to God, not existing but the plan is in the mind of God, and he will bring it to be.
Reading and knowing the Scriptures reveals, the Jews and Israelites were expecting a Messiah, they knew he did not yet exist, and when he did, some would not accept the fact.
“Before the foundation of the world” just as the explanation of (1Peter 2:6), A Christ was known to be coming, and it was to be “Before the foundation of that world, the laying down of the foundation of that world which was to come out of the whole happening of Jesus the Christ, which is the world we have now, that of the New Testament, we are in the New Testament times now, realize it or not, we are actually living out the New Testament times right now, the foundation of these times, this world as it is, not as it was before Jesus Christ.
We are in the latter days of the New Testament, this is the Foundation laid down by God, through Jesus Christ, that we build on now, this is where those who are worthy build on the foundation of Christ, those who are worthy are the building blocks or stones which build up God’s spiritual Temple, those ones are God’s church Gathered up by order of God Almighty, and done by Christ Jesus.
This is all happening now! And the foundation of this world now is Christ!
The next foundation to be laid down; The 1000 year period of Christ and the Saints rule over the remaining of the world, what is left after God’s wrath on those who make him a liar and change times and laws that make his word none affect, and who are not obedient to him, and some other things to.
Elijah was the spirit used in John the Baptist.
Could it be that, Melchizedec, was the spirit in Jesus to make him the Christ?
Now if this were the Case, and It is very likely, if you read about Melchizedec, and off the top of my head, Melchizedec; Without beginning, without Mother, without Father, without tribe, or Genealogy, without a known end, A High Priest of the perpetual order.
Very interesting, Could this be the spirit in our Jesus, Jesus is a High Priest of the perpetual order, thinking about it now? Then this will take away any thought that Jesus Christ is God, or now one would have to say Melchizedec was God also!
We can’t say that Elijah was God we know he was not, no more than we can say John the Baptist was God because he had Elijah’s spirit!
We can’t say that Jesus was God even if he did have the Spirit of Melchizedec.
If those who say Jesus was God, had said Jesus Christ was Melchizedec, scripturally I think it would be more acceptable, given the weight of evidence and the testimony of both God and Jesus: Yet without Devine revelation of it as an exact knowledge from God, and given that it is not written exactly that way in the Scriptures, even if God did reveal it to some one, who would believe him? It would only be for his own comfort if God did so!

“Tzadik yesod olam” — a righteous man is the foundation of the world.

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